Add A Brass Oil Lamp To Your Classic Home Decor

Adding accent pieces to your home without making it look cluttered or more like a rummage sale on someone’s driveway takes a cautious and careful eye with a result in mind. For example If you find a really great deal on an original brass oil lamp in your shopping adventures, and want to make it apart of the your living area’s blended theme you need to make sure there are other pieces that will go with the finish of the lamp or you have similar brass items already present.

Placing a lamp such as this in a Southwestern theme, may not be the best idea, but if you are going for a nautical, or old world design with the usual pieces like a handmade Persian or Asian rug, then it will look perfect on a shelf or on your mantle. Adding a candle or lamp snuffer next to the lamp will add authenticity, and charm that will only anchor your new addition even further into the decor of your room.

There are also faux brass oil lamps available at many retailers and online stores as well that can give you a distressed finished, and will also prevent you from having clean off the green residue that eventually overtakes anything made of real brass. Expect to pay about one hundred dollars for a new lamp and in the area of twenty dollars for faux version. The genie styled versions are relatively inexpensive, except of course for the originals that are several hundred years old.