Guide For Your Home Styles

Let’s have a detailed insight into the concept of home styles.

The guide to home styles starts with choosing the right kind of home. Every family member’s choice, numbers of rooms needed and budget are some of the key factors that shall be kept in mind when buying a house. There are different home styles that make a good option while selecting a house. Some of the popular ones are described below:

American Colonial: When North America was colonized, settlers brought building traditions from many different countries. Till date buildings reflect the architecture of America’s colonial period.

Classical styles: This type of style expresses the ideals of democracy. Thus, the architecture reflected classical ideals of order and symmetry.

Victorian styles: Mass-production and factory-made building parts made large, elaborate houses more affordable. A variety of Victorian styles emerged, each with its own distinctive features.

Gilded age styles: Rise of Industrialism brought the period which is called as Gilded Age. Home styles during this period were large, homes.

Early 20th century styles: In the early 1900s, builders’ came up with the elaborate Victorian styles. Homes for the new century were compact, economical, and informal.

Post- war styles: After the World War II, there was an increase in housing which gave builders a chance to construct homes.

Modernist styles: Modernist houses were totally different from the conventional forms

“Neo” styles: Neo means new. Many new homes borrow details from historic styles and combine them with modern features.

Spanish and Mediterranean styles: Spanish settlers in Florida and the American Southwest brought a rich heritage of architectural traditions. Modern day “Spanish” style homes are more Mediterranean in flavor.

Prehistoric – present: This type of home style includes appropriate use of energy-efficient earth materials.

The list of Home Styles is not definitive and there are various forms attached to it.