Learn Classic Home Decor With Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are arguably the most popular choice among other types and styles of window shades and blinds. So if you have just moved to a new place or simply wanted to enhance your home decor, wooden blinds can give you many reasons to throw and toss your heavy and lush curtains as well as old and worn blinds away. For a timeless and classic window accent, it readily complements your indoor living space without costing much.

The layout, color and style selection of wood venetian blinds could be just the kind of window treatment you are seeking. It basically gives you the free hand in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Similar to wood furniture, wooden blinds works great in complementing any palette, texture or theme of home design. They are also treated with polished finishes that is not only visually pleasing but practically helpful in lessening maintenance hassles.

The polished coating of wooden venetian blinds allows the dust to settle only in the surface. It seals up the surfaces in the wood, preventing elements from growing grime or molds on it. With this effect, all you need to do is some occasional feather dusting or vacuuming for more intense cleaning. This way, you get to enjoy your beautifully crafted wooden blinds for as long as you can.

Classic venetian blinds use horizontal slats that are attached above the other. They are usually suspended by tapes or strips of cloth and cords. They hold and secure the slats in place, allowing the slats to be turned or rotated nearly 180 degrees. Using a rotating rod or cord, the slats can be turned to overlap with one of their side facing inward. Also, this arrangement allows the slats to be pulled up. As the bottom of the slats press the underside of the next slat and the next slat, neatly stacking them together. This way, venetian blinds control the light, heat or wind that enters through the window.

There are a variety of woods used in making wooden venetian blinds. There are blinds made from cedar, cherry, poplar, oak, narra, basswood and ramin. Other woods are lighter than some. When it comes to color, the variety of wood results to a variety of patterns of grain or earth toned colors for the slats. With these features, wood blinds effectively bring out a natural look that enhances the aesthetics and feel of your living space.

Even to modern living space design, classic wooden blinds complement any design schemes. They add welcome accents to dramatically transform the room into something that is visually appealing. Its natural look and earthen colors never fails to stand out in a distinct manner in terms of interior design function. Not only are they stylish, they are also present a very reliable and practical means of maintaining a deep sense of privacy and maintaining ideal room conditions.

Aesthetically speaking, wood venetian blinds are highly customizable. To blend into your interior decorating efforts, you may have the blinds made according to your color, style and size specifications. In addition to polished natural wood colors, you may also have them painted in colors that you like. You may even have it bear your family crest or a company logo, allowing the room to vibrate with sheer energy. In addition to manual operations, you may even have its mechanisms motorized and be operated via remote control. Hence, classic and even modern design options offered by wooden venetian blinds are virtually endless.